The sounds of the highway, the lights, and the vehicles, all help create the story of the city, and that is definitely taking a great leap forward with the V90. Volvo has created a luxury wagon that has resonated with people, making it one of the most popular vehicles out there. One reason it is popular is because of its features.


Volvo Cars Orland Park is proud to have models that are taking eco-friendliness seriously by adding features that make a difference, like the start/stop feature on the V90. The feature shuts off the engine and stops using gasoline when you stop during a red light. You might not think all that fuel adds up, but it really does.

All-Wheel Drive

Having a little more control of your vehicle when the road conditions are scary is a life-saver. That is what V90 gives you, a little more control, thanks to the all-wheel drive feature that increases traction while driving. We think the automaker has created a vehicle that handles beautifully, and part of that has to do with this feature.

These are just some of the features on the V90 that make it a stand out vehicle. We want you to see what we see, so schedule your appointment as soon as you can.



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