When you see the Volvo V90, you will be looking at quite the specimen. It is big, powerful, and packed with features. This is why it has emerged as one of the more popular luxury wagons that you will find on the road today. Here are two of the many exterior features that you will find.

You will not have to worry about your windshield washer fluid freezing ever again with an optional feature available on the Volvo V90. The heated windshield washer nozzles are an innovative feature. When it's cold, the nozzles will heat to prevent the fluid from freezing in even the coldest of conditions.

There is also an optional headlight high pressure cleaning feature that is rather special. These nozzles pop out of the bumper when you activate them. They will do an effective job cleaning the grime off your lights. You can see this in action when you visit Volvo Cars Orland Park and take the V90 on a test drive.


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