Understanding why your tire pressure matters is one of the keys to being an informed driver. It is important to note that it is equally essential to keep your tires from being over-inflated as it is to prevent under-inflation.

Underinflated tires may create friction between the tires and the road, causing it to begin to erode. As the tread wears down, the vehicle will experience less traction and see an increased risk of blowouts. The center will wear faster if the tire is overinflated. In addition to checking your tire pressure regularly, you should also rotate them so that the wear and tear is more evenly distributed.

The tire experts at Volvo Cars Orland Park in Tinley Park, IL are on hand to answer any questions about why this pressure is essential to your driving experience. We welcome the opportunity to service your vehicle and inspect or replace your tires when you visit us today.

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